Juniper Junos commands cheatsheet

Various Junos Commands

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Operational mode:

Manage and monitor device operations. For example, monitor the status of the device interfaces, check chassis alarms, and upgrade and downgrade the device’s operating system.

Configuration mode

Configure the device and its interfaces. These include user access, interfaces, protocols, security services, and system hardware properties

File listing

Listing your homedir:

> file list

Show the content of a file in your homedir:

> file show router-config-150601

Various commands to show info and details

> show interfaces terse
> show interfaces descriptions
> show interfaces detail
> show route descriptions
> show route detail
> show route terse

Manage configuration / backup / restore

Active configuration: currently running configuration.

Candidate configuration: modified configuration that needs to be commited to become the candidate configuration.

Show candidate configuration

# show

Show active configuration

# show configuration
# show configuration | display detail

Manually backup candidate configuration in your homedir

# save router-config-150601

Manually backup active configuration in your homedir

# run show configuration | save Tuesday-archive

Copy the current active configuration file (/config/juniper.conf.gz) as backup.gz to the device’s /var/home/user directory:

# file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz /var/home/user/backup.gz

Create a rescue configuration of a known working configuration.

If the active configuration is corrupted, the device will automatically load the filenamed rescue.gz in the /config directory as the active configuration:

# file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz /config/rescue.gz

Define a remote backup host:

# set system archival configuration archive-sites ftp://jadmin:password@remote/archives

Auto backup of configuration once a day (1440 minutes) to remote backup machine:

# set system archival configuration transfer interval 1440

Auto backup of configuration to remote backup machine on every commit:

# set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit

Completely replace the current candidate configuration with a previously stored file.

You must enter the load override command from the top of the configuration mode:

# load override /var/tmp/router-config
# commit

Apply some configuration snippets:

From a file:

# load merge partial-conf.txt
# commit

From terminal:

# load merge terminal
[Type ^D at a new line to end input]
# commit

Check configuration before a commit:

# commit check

Commit candidate version

# commit

Commit candidate version during X minutes

You need to confirm with a commit, or modification will be rollback after X minutes.

# commit confirmed X

Show pending auto commits (and commits history):

# show system commit

Auto commit at a particular time:

# commit at 02:00:00
# show system commit

Delete pending auto commit:

> clear system commit


Show rollabcks

# rollback ?

Compare active config with rollback X

# show | compare rollback X

Compare candidate config with active configuration

# show  | compare

rollback 0 references the active configuration, so the following command is equivalent to the previous one:

# show  | compare

Replace candidate configuration with rollback X:

We start by loading rollback X

# rollback X

Checking everything is fine

# show
# show | compare

If everything is fine:

# commit